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Use online conversation

** aims to provide you with a safe & secure environment in which you search and find your life partner.

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to improve your safety.

Safety & Privacy

However, in ensuring your safety & privacy, we're limited to actions that are within our control. Therefore, it is necessary for you to exercise some simple precautions for your privacy & for a safe and secure experience.

Do not reveal your contact information in your profile

Do not write your contact numbers and e-mail addresses in your profile. Your profiles are publicly visible. The contact information in wrong hands can be misused. Our website allows for anonymous contacting it is best to share your details once a contact has been accepted.

Guard your anonymity

Our system of anonymous contacting (expressing interest, accepting/declining), and private messaging (Communicate section) is to ensure that your identity is protected until YOU decide to reveal it by accepting a contact.

Start slow – Use e-mail initially

Set up a separate e-mail account for communicating. Trust your instincts and start by sharing only your e-mail address and communicating solely via e-mail .

Request for a photo

A photo will give you a good idea of the person's appearance, which may prove helpful in achieving a gut feeling.

Chat on the phone

A phone call can reveal much about a person’s communication and social skills. Consider your security and do not reveal your personal phone number to a stranger.

Meet when You are ready

The beauty of meeting online is that you can collect information gradually, later choosing whether to pursue the relationship in the offline world. You never are obligated to meet anyone. Go at your own pace!

Meet in a safe place

When you choose to meet offline it is a good idea to try and include either or both of your families. But if you trust the person enough to meet alone always tell a friend or your family where you are going and when you will return. Also its a good idea to choose a public place to meet.

Watch for warning signs

Watching for warning signs and acting upon it is the surest way to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

Beware of money scams

Watch out for money scams. There are just too many con artists and scam artists around the world, and they are everywhere. If you get a message proposing any schemes or request for money please write to us and let us know along with e-mail of such messages/ demands. is - 100% Totally, Completely, and Absolutely FREE!!

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